Introversion hiring for mobile Defcon

Darwinia developer Introversion has put up a job ad for a mobile version of its critically acclaimed PC genocide-'em-up DEFCON.

"An opportunity has arisen for a new version of DEFCON to be created for a mobile platform," the job ad reads. "In order to de-risk the project Introversion requires the development of a prototype that will demonstrate the game running on a simulation of the target platform.

"Once we have acquired the prototype we will further investigate the commercial viability of the title. Should we choose to proceed, we will be looking to create the full version of mobile DEFCON."

The ad makes no mention of the target platform for the mobile version, other than noting that "the candidate need have no knowledge of the technical details of the target platform."

For the record, we're betting on it hitting the PSP. We'll let you know what Introversion has to say when it returns our message.

May 22, 2007