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Infinity Blade Cheats

The iphone’s most beautiful game is also one of the most important games of the year on any platform.

Infinity Blade Cheats

  • iPhone | Submitted by TwistedFlames

    Negative Bloodline

    Game Intro

    When you start IF for the first time or restart Bloodline 1, you must first play as your character's(Siris) father, whom I will call the Voice of Freedom. When you start, it teaches you how to block. Instead of holding down the shield button to maintain a blocking position, tap it. the Voice of Freedom puts up his shield but lowers it just before the enemy hits. Do this until you die. You will then start Negative Bloodlines. You are given the Dark Omega sword, Dark Fusion helmet, Dark Tempest Shield, Dark Halo ring, and Dark Omega armor. You will start as your level, if any, against enemies in the level 50-60 range. Its easier then it sounds. This method is the best way to gain levels quickly and gold too. I bought the Infinity Blade with the gold I saved from these Negative Bloodlines. Unfortunately, you are unable to use anything you get or buy until you restart Bloodline 1 and actually don't die as the Voice of Freedom. Hope this helps.
    Note: The God King starts as level 100, and raises 50 levels with each kill in Negative Bloodlines. Be aware of this.