House of the Dead Cheats

House of the Dead Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Anonmous

    Unlimted Lives,Creature Test

    Go to the options screen an held down the Ctrl button and type skidmarx! Go to the options screen held down the Ctrl butten and type creature!

  • PC | Submitted by King Boooooooooooooooooooo

    Boss Guide

    Each boss is difficult in their own way.

    1st Boss
    Name: Chariot
    Weakness: Hole in chest
    Way to beat him: Keep shooting him in the hole in his chest.
    Attacks: Slashes a player at radon with a blood-covered axe.

    2nd Boss
    Name: Handeyman (or whatever the devil is called)
    Weakness: Torso
    Way to beat him: First he summons demented bats at you until he is at half health. Then he flaps around and tries to scratch you until he's down to 1/4 health, then he flies up into the sky, then comes down and hits both agents down, but you suffer no damage, then he tries to ram you, but finish him before he kills you.

    3rd Boss
    Name: Hermit
    Weakness: His peanut-sized head
    Way to beat him: Shoot his head (duh?)

    Final Boss
    Name Magician
    Weakness: It may say UNKNOWN but all the parts that are not covered in armor are his weak points.