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Hitman stars in Turok

Oct 3, 2007

Timothy Olyphant (portraying Hitman on the silver screen) and Powers Boothe (who we last saw in 24 as the Vice President) are among the actors who are voicing characters in the rebirth of Turok.

Olyphant (voicing Cowboy) and Boothe (voice of the villain, Roland Kane, an escaped war criminal) are joined by Ron Perlman, William Fichtner, Donnie Wahlberg and a list of other people we've never ever heard of.

Turok himself is voiced by Gregory Norman Cruz, whoaccording to IMDB once appeared in Sliders.

The game sees Joseph Turok and an elite squad of soldiers known as Whiskey Company pursuing his former mentor Roland Kane. Kane has gone rogue and assembled an army on another planet, but as Turok and his team approach, they're shot down by Kane and crash-land in a jungle swarming with dinos and enemy soldiers...

Turok is out on PS3 and Xbox 360 next February. Here's hoping it marks a return to from for the series.More info in our recent preview.

Courtesy of CVG.