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Hideo Kojima launching world tour to promote MGS: Peace Walker

It's getting increasingly rare to see a lot of promotion for PSP games these days, but publisher Konami wants youto know thatMetal Gear Solid: Peace Walker isn't just any PSP game. To that end, the company announced today that series creator Hideo Kojima – one of the closest things the game industry hasto a rock star – is about to launch an 11-city worldtour to promote the game, including appearances in New York, Los Angeles and London.

Above: Konami alsogave us a link toa helpful websiteshowing tour dates

What will Kojima do at these events? Konami didn't say, although if past precedent is anything to go by, attendees can probably expect a speech or two,along withsome live demonstrations of (and probably hands-on time with)the game.What we do know, however, is that he'll be starting the tour in Asia (beginning with Tokyo) on April 29, before eventually visiting New York on June 11, Los Angeles on June 13 and London from June 18 to 19.

Because Konami wanted us to tell you about it, we're betting it's all going to be open to the public, meaning you'll want to save the date if you're near any of the target cities. And if you're not, we'll almost certainly have someonein attendanceto tell you about it. In any case, we'll know more about what Kojima's got up his sleeve after the first event on the 29th.

Apr 7, 2010

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