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Compare Heavy Rain on PS4 side-by-side with its PS3 sibling

Heavy Rain (opens in new tab) is now available on PS4, boasting increased resolution and better shading. But what does the difference between the 720p PS3 version and the 1080p PS4 version actually look like in practice? We've got footage from both side-by-side for you, so you can judge for yourself.

Before you comment on how we surely must have accidentally switched up which video goes with which version, well… nope. We checked. Also, both feeds were taken directly from the console, so there's no post-processing fudging up the picture. In short, what you're seeing is true: the PS4 version, while sharper, is darker and seemingly missing a chunk of audience processing power.

Still, if I hadn't played Heavy Rain before, I doubt I'd notice the discrepancies. But I'm curious: now that you can see the two running together, which do you think is the overall better looking?

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