Heatseeker gets off the ground

Fans of Sega's classic Afterburner - or Tom Cruise's classic Top Gun, for that matter - will want to make their way to the flight deck with the announcement of Heatseeker for PS2, PSP and Wii next spring.

Though you'll be behind the throttle of a variety of modern and classic military jets, realism isn't high on Heatseeker's mission list - it's all about corkscrewing your way out of missile locks while blowing everything else out of the sky (or off the ground).

The Wii version's obviously making us the most excited, although it's unclear if we'll get to hold the Wiimote vertically like a flight stick. Regardless, we're hoping for no embarrassing accidental bail-outs with a 'jerk upward to eject' move.

October 5, 2006