Haze: *so* not out this year

Nov 21, 07

We saw this coming a mile off with the distinct lack of build-up to the game's supposed 14 December release date coupled with the fact that none of our print brethren have received reviewable code yet, but now it appears to have been made official in Ubisoft's weekly release schedule: Haze won't be out this year.

That is unless Ubisoft decide to try and release it in the two weeks between 14/12 and the end of the year. Which would be a nonsense. It would also be a huge shame if it got lost in the post-christmas panic buying lunacy where undoubtedly EA's annual blockbuster bombardment will dominate.

So that's another PS3 game pencilled into that vague 'Q4' period. And no, we can never remember what month that ends on either. March? Or is it April?