Haze 360, PC "not confirmed" for 2007

Is Haze a PlayStation 3 exclusive, or not? That's the question that has puzzled the internet over the last week, with confusion obviously over whether Free Radical's challenging blastathon will make it to Xbox 360 or PC. For the definitive answer, GamesRadar tracked down publisher Ubisoft for an official response. Here's what it told us:

"[Haze on] PS3 is confirmed for release this year. 360 and PC versions are not confirmed for release this year."

We've also spoken to dev legend David Doak, co-founder of Free Radical, who told us that Haze has been built using the Linux coding language - a language that is best suited to PlayStation 3. Haze is being lead developed for PlayStation 3 and will be released for Sony's hardware this year. Xbox 360 and PC versions are also in the works, but will not appear until 2008.

June 1, 2007

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