Halo 2 makes $100 million in a day!

Halo 2 hit the shops Stateside yesterday (9 November) and Microsoft were quick to confirm that their killer-app also killed at the tills.

With 1.5 million copies already pre-ordered before the doors of the stores even opened, no one was surprised to see shelves emptying at astonishing speed. Corporate vice-president of Microsoft's games division Peter Moore certainly wasn't shocked, especially since he didn't even wait to check the till receipt before "calling a $100 million day on Halo".

From atop of his ever-swelling money pile, Bill himself also added, "In the first 24 hours we'll have an opening that's more popular than any motion picture has ever had in history."

British gamers will have a chance to see how the Bungie blaster performs in the shops and, indeed, on their 'Boxes from Thursday (11 November) but, if you fancy a sneak preview, then you could always check out .

Halo 2 will be unleashed in the UK on 11 November