GT4 delayed until early next year

You might be starting to think that it's the official name of the game: 'Gran Turismo 4 Delayed'. It's not, but just how many times have we seen those four words shunted together?

Hopefully this will be the last outing for that particular phrase because after all those on/off online problems, this time (hopefully) the delay should be a minor one.

Confirming the slip in a statement, Sony said: "The localisation of GT4 across the PAL territories is a huge undertaking because the product is localised into 13 different languages. Therefore the process takes considerably longer than it does in Japan.

"The GT brand strives for perfection, therefore we need to ensure that the localisation and testing of the product is done to the highest possible standard."

So with the official release date now set somewhere in the first three months of next year, Sony have a little more wiggle room to modify their masterpiece and then pick a firm time to finally unleash this behemoth. And you can be sure that we will name that date just as soon as we have it.