GT Photo Mode: The first snap-shot

OK, so nobody's head flew clean off with the sheer excitement when GT4 head honcho Kazunori Yamauchi revealed the new Photo Mode last week but, hey, it's GT4!

The first shot of this bizarrely self-indulgent mode in action at least shows us pretty much exactly how it'll work. A map allows you to position the car and camera to your no-doubt exacting compositional requirements, while controls for focus, aperture etc are reflected in the real-time preview.

Once you're happy with the shot, capture it and save a hi-res image to disc for later admiration.

We've also got the first shots of GT4's new car select menus. You can of course organise your wish-list and garage by maker but we'll be using the other method shown which plots the manufacturers against a timeline. Neat.

Gran Turismo 4 will be available in the UK this November