Granny-stomping in Transformers?

The first in-game screen of Transformers: The Game has morphed into view, giving us a tantalizing enigma to ponder while we wait for the game and movie to arrive. The single in-game screenshot shows Bumblebee towering above trees and a factory and... a person? We've blown up the image so you can decide for yourself, but we reckon it looks like a lady running away from the towering beast.

Of course, stomping people may not be a feature of this family-friendly game, but we'd like to think it could be. It would be fun after all. With even little Bumblebee looking meanwith a dark aura around his limbs (and surely about three times bigger than he should be?), we're even considering retracting our statement last month about him being lame.

We'll have more details on this promising game very soon as it oils its joints forits summer release. In the meantime, you can hit the Images tab to see the screen in its full glory. Enjoy.

Above: What do you think? Mary Poppins? There's no parasol no matter how big you go

March 5, 2007