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Get ready for Google Stadia by downloading the app to your phone

(Image credit: Google)

Can you barely wait to start streaming Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and other games to your phone? The Google Stadia app is available on Android now, and though it won't function until the service launches on November 19, you can get your phone all ready to start streaming while you're out and about or, let's be honest, just want to get a little Crucible in while you're on the toilet.

I installed the app myself just to try it out - fortunately, I have a Pixel 3, which is one of the few phones that Stadia will be compatible with at launch. That wasn't on purpose, it just worked out that way.

After linking my Google Account with Stadia, the app asked me to unlock the service with an invite code. Those will be distributed to folks who pick up a Google Stadia Founder's Edition or Premiere Edition, I imagine. So we can't access the proper, game-playing part of the app yet, but the images on the Google Play listing do give a fresh peek at the app's UI once you get past the "unlocking" part.

(Image credit: Google)

It reminds me of the UI for YouTube Gaming, with its dark background and sleek little lines going this way and that, as if Google is saying "You are home, gamers." 

You won't always need a Pixel to play on the go. Google plans to make Stadia accessible on a wider range of devices after launch, and eventually even allow people to access the service for free (though you'll still have to pay for the games themselves). If you do pick up one of the special editions that comes with early access, a controller, and a Chromecast Ultra, the controller won't be wirelessly compatible with phones or PCs at launch - it will need to plug in via a USB-C connection.

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