Golden Joystick Awards reach half a million votes

You know when games journalists and developers start dusting off their moth-eaten suits that it must be awards time. And there%26rsquo;s no bigger ceremony than October%26rsquo;s Golden Joysticks, where all you gamers get to vote for your favourite titles of the last 12 months. Over half a million votes have already been registered, with some lucky gamers winning big prizes in the process, such as the 500,000th voter Mark Melia, who bagging himself a %26pound;700 Sony Bravia TV.

You can go to Golden now to reward the games you love with your votes and give yourself a chance to win some ace prizes.

This year marks the 26th anniversary of the awards and to celebrate Virgin Media are giving away a host of prizes to reward you lot for voting. Prizes are doled out every 10,000 votes and with loads of great stuff still available, including magazine subscriptions, Blu-ray DVDs and another five big prizes of similar value to the Bravia, there's no better time to have your say on which games go away with the gongs.

So if you want to name Niko your favourite character of the year, send Snake off in style by giving him the best game gong or congratulate Capcom for DMC 4 by voting them as best developer, now%26rsquo;s your chance.

Go to Golden to register your votes now!