God of War's giant E3 poster is finished and reveals a Kratos and son boating trip

God of War will have father/son boating trips, according to an advertisement spotted outside of E3 2017 in LA The building-sized ad shows Kratos and his son Atreus standing on a very Norse-looking boat, dramatic mountain peaks behind them as they stare into the future. Actually, Atreus seems to be looking where the boat is headed while Kratos has locked eyes with the audience - as if to say "here we go again".

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It's really hard to stand up straight in a little boat with slanted sides like that, but I guess that's just how hardcore Kratos is. The original God of War started on a vessel, too. Remember fighting the Hydra King on the Aegean Sea? I'd be surprised if Kratos and son manage to avoid fighting some aquatic mythological beasts as they take their boating expedition in the new God of War. They'd better be careful though, Kratos doesn't have a whole fleet to sacrifice this time.

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