God of War to kill again

Sony has used the Games Developers Conference, currently taking place in California, to confirm that a sequel to its critically acclaimed, multi award-winning, all-round ass-kicker God of War is currently in the making, and will be back with a vengeance for more glorious blood spilling on PS2 in early 2007.

God of War II will continue the story from the first game, picking up the tale after Kratos - the mortal turned deity - took his place amongst the gods on Mount Olympus. Still a troubled and hotly tempered soul, the restless Kratos embarks on a quest with the hope of changing his fate.

Above: Killing machine Kratos returns next year for another brutal adventure

Once again drawing on Greek mythology for its inspiration, the God of War team is promising another blend of adventure, puzzle-solving and, of course, lots of delightfully brutal combat. A selection of new combos and elemental magic will feature, while a cast of new enemies - including the one-eyed Cyclops and the winged Gryphon - will be waiting to be slain mercilessly at the hands of Kratos' blades.

We managed to grab a look at God of War II at GDC, so be sure to check back later for a report on the first footage that Sony has shown for what will surely be one of the most eagerly anticipated PS2 games of 2007, although, if it's to grab much attention in the wake of the PS3 launch, it will have to be a truly divine offering.

Matt Cundy
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