Get ready to run realistic ground operations for flights in Airport Sim

If you want to pay a visit to an airport without enduring the endless queues to pass through security and check in, then the new trailer for Airport Sim seen first at the Future Games Show Powered by Mana may have whet your appetite.

Realism is key for Airport Sim, which MS Games are producing in partnership with MK Studios, who are renowned for developing dozens of official add-ons and mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator in addition to providing flight simulation software for professional pilot training. The goal is to harness this extensive experience, in order to produce the best simulator of airport operations.

Although there aren't many details revealed in the trailer, we do get to see two of the airport settings in action. Vágar in the Faroe Islands and Keflavík in Iceland are both surrounded by beautiful scenery, with shimmering lakes and tree-covered plains giving way to cloud-topped mountains in the distance, and all of this rendered in eye-pleasing 4K.

We also witness these locations going through a full day and night cycle, along with a range of weather effects from sunshine to showers to snow. These are bound to affect your airport operations, whether it's keeping the runways clear so planes can land safety or redirecting flights if visibility drops too low.

Towards the end of the trailer we see a baggage train racing along, with unsecured items spilling out everywhere. This is followed by a brief first-person view from the operator's seat, suggesting that players will be able to take control of vehicles and drive them around the airport. If that's the case then you'll need to take care and follow the correct procedures, unless you want to lose everyone's luggage over the sides as shown in the example.

Airport Sim is landing on PC and Xbox Series X / S in 2023, but you can book your ticket in advance by adding Airport Sim to your Steam wishlist.

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Iain Wilson
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