Gary Oldman ponders Batman 3

The Dark Knight isn’t even out yet and people are already looking ahead to a possible third film. And some of those people are asking cast members about it.

MovieWeb got talking to Gary Oldman and Chris Nolan at a junket and quizzed the pair on ideas for a follow-up to the new movie. Oldman admitted that he thought the Joker could be re-cast if absolutely need be following the tragic death of Heath Ledger, but he also floated the idea that The Riddler might be the next villain to be tackled.

Nolan, however, can’t even begin to think about anything beyond his next project, which is unlikely to include anyone in a Bat suit. He’s not even sure he wants to make another Batman movie, but then he said that after Begins and look what he did… We’re hopeful he’ll make it to a trilogy. Click the link for much more.

source:( MovieWeb )

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