GamesRadar on Yoostar on MTV

Karaoke 2.0, thy name is Yoostar. But what the hell is Yoostar on MTV, exactly? Well, it’s not exclusively music videos, people. After all, when was the last time you actually saw one of those on MTV? In addition to the technological feat of converting you, in real time, into Lady Gaga or Snoop dog, Yoostar on MTV is putting you into EVERYTHING that’s ever been on the channel. Oh yes, we’re talking guilty pleasure/trainwreck reality fare like Jersey Shore, The Hills, and Pimp My Ride. Even sweeter for chronically uncool geeks like us, they’ve included classic sketch comedies like Human Giant and The State! Who wouldn’t want to dip their balls in that?

The game will ship with a variety of music videos and shows built to star you, plus Yoostar on MTV is also promising regular DLC drops of new, different shows from MTV’s 30+ year catalog. Let your brain mull over that for a moment… Beavis and Butthead? Aeon Flux? Remote Control? Teen Mom?! Yoostar on MTV, I triple dog dare you to include interactive versions of Jackass and The Andy Dick Show.

Needless to say, we had a fun time with Yoostar on MTV, both lip syncing and improvising our own lines. If you want to see more of how the game works, check out the official trailer above. If you’d like to see Henry Gilbert’s landmark Blueberry Johnson performance, watch the recreation of the classic State sketch below in its entirety.

Sep 28, 2011