Game music of the day: Billy Hatcher

Game: Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

Song: World Select

Composer: Mariko Nanba

Above: World Select from Billy Hatcher

Can you imagine a harder sell in 2003? A GameCube-exclusive game from Sonic Team starring a little boy who pushes eggs around while dressed as a chicken? What? Yet despite this enormous handicap Billy Hatcher went on to some moderate retail success and, while neither rising to Sonic levels of popularity nor spawning a sequel, managed to pack in enough memorable gameplay to earn him a place in this year's Sega All-Stars Racing. It also happened to have some of the cheeriest,run-around-like-an-idiot music of all time.

I have to admit, I've never played Billy Hatcher. I've actually only listened to this one song for the past five years, usually during times of great stress. If a group of kindergarteners planned a BYOB hoe-down inside a barn, this is pretty much what it would sound like. Sure it's potentially annoying, especially if you hate the sounds of children chanting "G-R-A-B E-G-G!" but give it a chance. Odds are you'll have to smile, and maybe leave this page 1% happier than when you arrived.

Here's the intro, which further illustrates how the game beats you over the head with "WTF?" Not much else I can say about it (hope you can in the comments!). I did find out there was a famous baseball player namedBilly Hatcher, who I'm sure has never played this game in his life. Also discovered the composer, who largely scores Sonic-related games, contributed to Panzer Dragoon Saga, one of the Saturn's tip-toppiest games ever. Sorry if today's entry is a bit light on actual information, I just wanted to spread a bit of sunshine on everyone's day with this lovely, lovely track.

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