Game music of the day: Batman

Game: Batman

Song: Level 1

Composer: Naoki Kodaka, Nobuyuki Hara

Above: Level 1 from Batman

Most of us agree Arkham Asylum is one of the best games of the current generation, and easily the best Batman gamethere's ever been. But what held that title prior to Rocksteady's expertly handled blockbuster? In my eyes, that honor goes to the aptly named "Batman" for the NES, which was based on the 1989 Tim Burton film. Naturally the game has almost nothing to do with the movie, but Sunsoft still delivered a strong side-scroller with uncannily good music.

Right there. Level one. That's the first thing you hear, and it's already among the best tunes the NES ever cranked out. Sunsoft has a great track record (some of which are linked at the bottom of the page) but this has to be its most impressive collection. Every single stage is exquisite, blood-pumping stuff that makes you want to punch every vagrant, hoodlum and mask-wearing criminal straight into prison.

Above: Level three's jam

Above: Level four, even more fast-paced and intense

Above: A nightclub-ready remix from OverClocked submitter Stephen Kennedy

Think there was a better Batman game prior to Arkham Asylum? Well, we did run through Bats'entire videogame careerback in 2008 when The Dark Knight hit theaters, so maybe give that a look and see if anything jogs your memory. And even if you manage to argue one game's worth over this lovely NESterpiece, I bet Sunsoft's 21-year-old score is still on top.

Level 1 by Hara, another Sunsoft specialty

Final Boss by Hara, Kodaka and Marumo

Armer IX's theme by Jun Senoue

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