Today, Hayden tackles the game's seventh level, which introduces him to three things: souped-up versions of the Stingers that can turn invisible;the Stalker, a similarly invisible boss that attacksHayden in what looks to be a semi-flooded test chamber;and an ice power for Hayden's shuriken-like Glaive.

By far the game's most entertaining power-up, the elemental ice charge enables you to freeze enemies solid just by hurling the Glaive their way. And then, once they're popsicles, you can shoot off their limbs, just to watch them fall over and (sometimes) shatter.

The freeze power isn't limited to just turning your enemies into cruel playthings, either - it can also turn water streams from dripping pipes into hard, icy cover points that you can cower behind. Unfortunately, these don't stand up for too long against the chaingun-wielding, robot-suited Elite Troopers, which you'll get a much better look at toward the end of today's video:

Mar 17, 2008