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FREE Holiday cards for gamers

Holiday cards really don’t know anything about video games. Oh, don’t get us wrong – we support images of cheerful fat men in bright clothes, manger scenes, or even polar bears guzzling soft drinks. But none of that stuff says “gamer”. So, we got the GR brain trust together, knocked back far too many shots of eggnog, and knocked together these custom crafted beauties. Print ‘em up, send ‘em out, and remind your loved ones that you may wish them well, but if you see them online playing Modern Warfare 2, it’s headshot time.

ClickHEREto download a printable pdf containing all the cards.

Front: The best present isn’t always a surprise…
Inside: Be glad you’re getting just what you’d expect from me. Nothing.
Happy Holidays!

Front: It’s the thought that counts…
Inside: Remember that. Happy Holidays!

Front: Got some presents over here!
Inside: Thanks for making sure I wasn’t torn apart by flesh-rending abominations that used to be our friends, family and co-workers. And all that other stuff this year, too.

Front: It’s December already??
Inside: Happy holidays dood!

Front: Get into the holiday spirit
Inside: …or you’ll become one

Front: Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A
Inside: Wishing you a happy gaming holiday (it rhymed. Did you get it?)

Front: Jingle bells, Batman smells, but his game is really good
Inside: How ironic! This card stinks, too.

Front: You up for a slay ride?
Inside:Christmas is metal.

Front: Happy Brawlidays!

Front: Teddy says, “Have a Bear-y Merry Christmas!”
Inside: What you say in response is up to you. But Happy Holidays either way.

For a printable pdf containing all the cards,click here.

Dec 23, 2009