Free Forza 2 content online now

Forza 2 is now the proud daddy of its first ever downloadable content, which you should be able to grab right this minute from Xbox Live Marketplace.

Part of the new content for the racing game is free, and for one of your downloads you'll boost the game's vehicle roster with three new motors - premiere Nissan models; the 2007 Sentra SE-R, Altima, and 350Z.

A fourth car, the Peugeot 908, can also be downloaded but that will cost you a whopping 50 Microsoft Points.

Above: We think the new Sentra will make anice addition to Forza 2

Microsoft has additionally announced plans for a Nissan Sentra SE-R tournament on Xbox Live which will kick off on August 18 and run through to October 6. Contestants will race head to head and the emerging true demon behind the wheel will win a new Nissan. Full details on the tournament will go live on on August 10.

On top of that, there's a "customize a Nissan Sentra SE-Rs" competition in the pipeline. Again, full details on this will be revealed on the Xbox Live Tournament website on August 10. You can see pics of all the new cars by clicking on theImages tab at the top of the page.

August 1, 2007