Free add-on may make Lair actually worth playing

A new free add-on pack for PS3's dragon shooter Lairis set to be released on April 17th via the Playstation Store. The pack updates the game to support the new Dualshock 3's rumble feature, dual analog stick flight control as opposed to the generally panned motion control, updated RemotePlayfor playing Lair on your PSP, and most interestingly, two new dragons, Wind and Poison. Players not interested in downloading the whole shebang can opt for a patch that just updates the controls, rumble featureand PSP Remote Play. Although anyone who willfully deprives themselves of free dragonsis really missing out on life.

The free "Dragons andControls"download pack will be available via the Playstation Store, or automatically when Lair isstartedup.

Apr 11, 2008