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Flash game freebie: The Breach

The Breach is a creepy side-scrolling shooter that mashes-up gruesome elements from a handful of classic sci-fi horror flicks. There’s a little bit of Aliens here sprinkled here, a splash of Event Horizon thrown in there, and a shake or two of The Thing for added horror flavor. As captain of a nearby mining freighter, you decide to suit-up and investigate the disabled ship. Of course, the second you set foot on the thing humanoid zombie things infested with yellow puss-filled alien insect critters rise up to greet you, and they’re soon joined by other shambling atrocities.

Despite the slick-looking cartoonish graphics, The Breach’s monstrous menagerie is definitely gross and gruesome. Random split-second flashes of human meat and organs that are thrown up the screen to mess with you punctuate the cool vibe. Blasting through the grody masses of creepy crawlies is sticky business, but leveling up gradually increases your shield regeneration abilities, damage, maximum health, and rate of fire to help you keep up. Losing all of your health and succumbing to the hordes causes you to mutate in disgusting ways before finally bursting nasty all over the place. You don’t want that. That’s bad news. Test your survival luck out in The Breachhere at Kongregate.

Jun 10, 2010