Flash game freebie: Death vs Monstars

We’re pretty much immediately inclined to give a thumbs-up recommendation to any game that lets you play as death incarnate AND spray a continuous fountain of explosive bullets from your backside. Death vs. Monstars is a special blend of frenetic arena shooter that looks overly simple at first but grows quirkier and freakishly more addictive with each new stage. It’s challenging to stave off the potent desire to earn cash needed to upgrade your small stream of bullets into a Niagara Falls of pain and suffering for your monster opponents.

As death, you’re essentially a disembodied skull floating around in the sky and armed with a blaster. A constant barrage of bullets auto-fires out behind you as you move around, letting you shoot as your run way from the assortment of beasts that pop-up of nothingness and attack you. While it’s a bit awkward at first, this unconventional aiming setup is a lot of fun to use. In a pinch, you can also temporarily lock your firing angle to concentrate on wiping out larger masses of opponents. Other abilities, like being able to trigger a short burst of bullet-time and fire a charged spread of shots in all directions, are helpful when the entire screen devolves into an orgy of monsters and flying bullets.

Switching the gameplay up often, each stage adds new objectives and different creatures into the mix. Some have you staying alive for a certain timeframe as you’re swarmed, while others require you kill a set number of foes. Shooting the screen up is all fine and good, but collecting coins to power up your blaster and upgrade your deadly hero in other ways is a compelling reason to stick with this one for the long haul. Once Death vs. Monstars sinks its teeth into you, you can kiss your afternoon productivity goodbye.

Headheretoplay Death vs. Monstars now.

Apr 27, 2010