'First Strike' Black Ops DLC detailed in new video

We're a couple weeks away from receiving the first batch of new maps and DLC content for Call of Duty: Black Ops, but lest we have to make do with screenshots and speculation, Treyarch has released a new video detailing what we can all expect from the upcoming First Strike additions.

As revealed back in December, the pack will release first on Xbox 360 and contain four new maps: Discovery, Kowloon, Berlin Wall, Stadium, as well as the zombie themed level, Ascension. Each environment will introduce subtle variations to the standard multiplayer action such as the incorporation of zip-lines which will allow for fast travel at the cost of getting picked off mid-zip.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike: Content Pack 1 (hitherto known as CoDBOFSCP1) will be released for download on XBLA on February 1st for 1200 Microsoft Points (roughly $15 real money).

Jan 18, 2011

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