Fireglow relates a Stranger story

New information emerging on forthcoming PC RTS-RPG hybrid Stranger has revealed that the game's storyline revolves around three main heroes fighting to "save their immortal souls and overcome their destiny." Sounds epic. A latest splurge of screenshots has also been released. Hit the Images tab to sneak a peek.

Anyway, the three heroes are Kagar, Steiger and Mordlock, different characters that players will control throughout the adventure that boast unique abilities. They share the same destiny, apparently, Stranger developer Fireglow explaining that three have wrongfully been expelled from their home world "for the use of magic" and "find themselves teleported to a strange and hostile land, full of fearsome monsters and relics so powerful to tear armies to pieces."

"Having been enemies in the world they come from," the dev further explains, "all of them know that the key to survival is to stick together and fight side by side and combine their abilities if they ever want to make their way back home and take revenge on those who expelled them..."

Stranger is due out next month and combines RPG and RTS gameplay in a swords and sorcery romp.

April 27, 2007