Fallout, hookers and adult content

Aug 16, 2007

It's no great secret that Bethesda was aiming to appeal to an adult audience with its post-apocalyptic RPG game Fallout, but it's treading carefully to avoid certain pitfalls when it comes to including adult material in Fallout 3 - it doesn't want the game to become puerile.

"There are some people who say that making an 18-rated game, and especially making a Fallout one, should be about sleeping with the hooker, then waking up with the venereal disease. A lot of that stuff personally, to me, veers into being a 12-year old dungeon master," Fallout 3's lead designer Emil Pagliarulo said.

"Some of it feels right and some of it feels wrong," Pagliarulo continued. "We're appealing to an adult audience and it's a tough call. I mean, once you have groin shots you're approaching a level of silliness that, if you're not careful, can pervade the whole game."

He explained that Bethesda would rather be cautious in its approach to including adult material in Fallout 3 and "add that stuff in gradually" as opposed to packing in a heap of stuff all at once and going "completely overboard."

So, an adult game with adult material that's being included under the supervision of an adult eye. We guess that means no nob gags then. Oh well.