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Evil Woman review

Ever wondered what would happen if two of last year's prime stinkers, Whipped and Say It Isn't So, got together and produced a bastard offspring? Ponder no more, for the answer arrives in the shape of the execrable Evil Woman.

It's a turgid tale of bessie mates (Jason Biggs, Steve Zahn and Jack Black) united by their love for Neil Diamond songs and divided by Biggs' character's fiancée (Amanda Peet). She has him under her thumb, so his pals plot to kidnap her and set him up with an old school crush (Amanda Detmer). The only complication? She's training to be a nun...

Yes, that's exactly the level of clever plotting that Evil Woman stretches to. Taking the usually solid comic talents of its three leads, this manages to water them down and then flush the lot down the loo with some grating gross-out material and a misogynistic streak a mile wide. It's never a good sign when a film sits gathering dust on a distributor's shelf after a poor Stateside release. And changing the title (it was originally called Saving Silverman) to try and sneak it out hoping no one will notice, just makes things a whole lot worse.


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