Ethan Hawke casts doubt on Boyhood sequel

Back in February we heard from Richard Linklater that he was considering making a follow-up to Boyhood, with the director musing that a person's 20s are a pretty formative period in their life. However, Ethan Hawke has now cast doubt on the project, revealing he has had no discussions with Linklater over a potential sequel.

"No," said Hawke when asked by Collider whether Linklater had clued him in on a sequel. "I feel that Boyhood was so unique and the reason why it works is because it actually does have a beginning, middle and end. All of us Americans understand the grid of 1st through 12th grade."

"It’s the one time in our life when we’re all on the same grid, and then high school ends and we’re shotgun blast into our lives. I mean, I think Rick is open to anything, so he’s kind of misleading you to say that. He’d think about doing anything."

Of course, it could just be that Linklater has yet to share his plans with Hawke, but it doesn't sound as though there's anything particularly concrete in place at present.

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George Wales

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