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  • Xbox 360, PS3 | Submitted by sdfasd

    Score Piece Locations

    1 - Agogo Village- small shrine by March's house
    10 - Baroque Castle- bedroom on 1st floor, east
    11 - Baroque Castle- clock in 2nd floor room, east
    12 - Baroque Inn- room on 2nd floor
    13 - Baroque- snowman near entrance
    14 - Sharp Mts.- 2nd point, hole on the right
    15 - Sharp Mts.- fireplace in lodge
    16 - Wah Lava Caves- Middle 3, chest
    17 - Ritardando- bakery
    18 - Ritardando- bakery
    19 - Mandolin Church Catacombs- chest in East Section
    2 - Ft. Fermata- chest after boss fight
    20 - Baroque Tavern- barrels after Dolce #3
    21 - Celeste Forest- from merchant
    22 - Cowbell Heights- bottom of Cello Tree
    23 - Mysterious Unison- chest on 4th floor
    24 - Mysterious Unison- chest on 9th floor
    25 - Mysterious Unison- chest on 12th floor
    26 - Tenuto- play SP 24 w/Easygoing Flat
    27 - Heaven's Mirror Forest- from squirrel in boss area
    28 - Forte- 2nd floor of bar
    29 - Forte- outside of inn
    3 - Cantabile Inn- boat outside of inn
    30 - Forte- from old man near castle, only if you spoke to granny in Ch.4 in Baroque Inn
    31 - Baroque- talk to woman in lower house, then help man in Sharp Mts.
    32 - Cabasa Bridge- play SP 19 with Disappointed Note, Chapter 7 only
    4 - Woodblock Groves- chest in North Center
    5 - Andante- storage room near Sullen Melody
    6 - Andante- pillar before the first bridge
    7 - Baroque Ship- bedroom in the East Hallway
    8 - Baroque Ship- barrel after Frederic cutscene
    9 - Dolce's Ship- chest on 4th floor

  • PS3 | Submitted by dafsd

    PS3 Unlockable Costumes

    Allegretto's Costume - In Chapter 6, you can find this costume in one of the treasure chests in "To Coda Ruins".
    Beat's Costume - In a treasure chest where you fought the Bread Gang boss. In Chapter 5, when you do the small side-event with Beat as an onscreen character.
    Polka's Costume #1 - In Chapter 4, you can find this costume in one of the treasure chests of the second to last area in the "Lament Mirror".
    Polka's Costume #2 - In Chapter 1, visit Polka's home after Frederic joins Polka. After the mini-scene, check Polka's bed for the costume. Only in second playthrough.
    Scrapbook - Complete the events in "The Church of EZI" and defeat the boss "Great EZI". Only works in second playthrough.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Gregor

    New Game +

    After completing the game you will be prompted to save your data. Save your game and then load the file to begin a new game will all your obtained Score Pieces, Party Levels and Hero's Crests. All enemies and bosses will be much more difficult in battle.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by rope


    Claves's Resurrection (50)
    Collect all 7 pieces of Claves's Soul

    EZI Worshipper (321)
    Collect all EZI items in the game

    Fantaisie Impromptu (10)
    Complete chapter 3

    Grand Finale (70)
    Defeat Frederic with Claves unlocked

    Grande Valse Brilliante (10)
    Complete chapter 4

    Heaven's Mirror (10)
    Complete Final chapter: Heaven's Mirror

    Hero's Gate (30)
    Use the Hero's Crest to open the way to Mysterious Unison

    Heroic (10)
    Complete chapter 7

    Nocturne (10)
    Complete chapter 5

    Party Level 2 (10)
    Obtain party level 2

    Party Level 3 (10)
    Obtain party level 3

    Party Level 4 (10)
    Obtain party level 4

    Party Level 5 (10)
    Obtain party level 5

    Party Level 6 (20)
    Obtain party level 6

    Pirate's Treasure (80)
    Finally obtain Dolce's treasure

    Raindrops (10)
    Complete chapter 1

    Revolution (10)
    Complete chapter 2

    Rondo's Return (50)
    Defeat Rondo in Mysterious Unison

    Score Piece Collector (100)
    Collect all 32 Score Pieces

    Soul Released (79)
    Free Chord's Soul from Fort Fermata

    Tristesse (10)
    Complete Chapter 6

    Xylophone Treasure (80)
    Use your orb to open the secret door in Xylophone Tower

Eternal Sonata Hints

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Prince Swing

    Back Attacks

    When you are battling a creature, always try to attack the back of the enemy. The enemy will not be able to guard and you may score some criticals.