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Escape From Planet Earth review

Despite the title, doesn't go anywhere new...

The plot of this ‘tooner unspools like a gruesome ’80s horror flick – a distress signal from a faraway planet is detected; a heroic rescuer, against dire warnings, zooms to the forbidden zone and finds himself imprisoned by a maniac (William Shatner!) for God-knows-what.

Sadly, no alien blood is spilled. Instead, what we get is a painted-by-numbers 3D kid-flick enlivened mostly by Rob Corddry, who plays the fastidious, nerdy brother to Brendan Fraser’s doomed Buzz Lightyear clone.

His lame attempts to try and save his sibling and the day are funny, engaging and sometimes nail-biting. The rest is standard, predictable, whizz-bang bullshit.

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