Dying Light 2 updates a Greek tragedy with a volatile infected

The second Dying Light 2 audio story is here, and it's a monster-ridden update of a Greek tragedy.

The new audio story is titled Antigone, which is also the name for the ancient Greek tale of a young woman who defies authority to bury her dishonored brother's corpse. The Dying Light version of the story substitutes in a romantic relationship instead of a sisterly one, and adds not one but two storytelling framing devices (we're listening to someone tell us a story about a story she heard), but the bones are all still there, so to speak.

Being an audio story, the visual part of the video is downplayed with one notable exception: at about 6:13, when the old woman explains that giving dead people proper burials "has been the law for centuries," the big text changes to "has" for a few seconds before reverting to the title. Kind of a weird word to emphasize out of the hundreds in the story, right?

Well, go back to the first Dying Light 2 audio story and you'll see the same thing happens: the video says the title Rosemary for the whole time, except when it blips over to "everyone" for a few seconds. Seeing a pattern now?

The emphasized words so far are "everyone has." Sounds like we'll need to wait for more audio stories to arrive before we can figure out what Techland is teasing; hopefully it isn't about drinking our Ovaltine.

Sure, Dying Light 2 has tragedy to spare, but it also has parkour and paragliders.

Connor Sheridan

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