Dustin Hoffman is Last Chance Harvey

Given Grindhouse’s early bath at the US box office, you might think that Joel Hopkins new film Last Chance Harvey is a meditation on Harvey Weinstein’s current career. But no – not least because that would probably lead to Weinstein suing the pants of everyone and then eating their clothes – it’s actually the story of a luckless man.

Dustin Hoffman is playing the title role, a bloke who, while travelling to London to attend his daughter’s wedding strikes up an unlikely romance with Emma Thompson’s character. "While writing the script, it was always my dream for Dustin and Emma to play these characters, but I never imagined I'd actually be fortunate enough to see that dream come true," Hopkins gushed to The Hollywood Reporter.

He starts shooting his dream project this summer, so should you see Dustin Hoffman wandering around Oxford Street in London, now you know why. And Harvey, if you’re reading this, we were just kidding about the clothes thing. Honest.