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DualShock 3 is "old technology"

Oct 3, 2007

Sony has ignored the possibility of inserting "next generation" feedback technology into the recently announced DualShock 3, according to the CEOof Immersion, opting instead to continue using working with the decade-old rumble tech used by the PSone DualShock.

"We've had discussions in the past, but nothing recently," reveals Immersion's Vic Viegas. "We have demonstrated the new technology... let [Sony] look at the developer tools, we've communicated the simplicity of the designs... so [Sony is] well aware of what we have available, but those discussions were quite some time ago."

Immersion's new design uses just one feedback motor, instead of DualShock's two, but can still create "stronger yet crisper effects," Viegas told website GameDaily Biz. It's also potentiallya cheaper option: "I believe it's actually less expensive. You save on at least one motor, there's less power consumption, and you may save on other components and circuitry."

What's more, Immersion has confirmed that it won't charge extra for the new technology, Viegas explaining that "[Immersion doesn't] want to make this more expensive and give anyone a reason not to implement it". Come on Sony, catch up!