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Doctor Who Series 7 Pictures - The Daleks Are Back

We'll keep this one short and sweet, mainly because you've no doubt read about it on 7 billion other sites in the 11 minutes since these pictures went live. The BBC have released five fresh images from the set of Doctor Who 's seventh season, all extreme close ups of Daleks. But more tantalising than that is this bombshell:

"Here are some sneaky pictures fresh from the set of Doctor Who where the Daleks are being wheeled before the cameras once again. But which design? The answer is ALL OF THEM!"

Seems the iDaleks won't be the only Sons of Skaro putting in an appearance in the new series. We spot a dirty WW2-era Dalek, a broken plunger and what seems to be Dalek Sec. Let the speculation begin!

Jordan Farley
Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.