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Doctor Who Amys Choice Spoiler-Free Preview

12 tantalising titbits about the next episode of Doctor Who

1 It’s a very clever (cleverer than you might think at first) and unusual script, let down by some pedestrian direction that doesn’t achieve quite the right tone for what could be a much darker, creepier tale and a weak ending

2 The Doctor wears the kind of jumper you hope your nan won’t buy you for Christmas

3 There are no plot holes

4 There’s an interesting use of a hover mower

5 You’re probably tired of hearing this every week, but it’s Matt Smith’s best performance yet. He really seems to thrive in quirky episodes

6 You get a good chance to study the new TARDIS set

7 There‘s a great “we’ve second guessed you” moment with the Doctor waving his hand

8 There may be complaints that it encourages spitting

9 Amy’s second false alarm amusingly sends up the Doctor’s arrogance

10 Once again it’s packed with quotable one-liners, especially the sentence that begins, “If we’re going to die, let’s die looking like…” (which could also spark a whole new trend in cosplaying)

11 The Doctor opens a black box that has some information written on it which will have fans hitting the freeze frame

12 Toby Jones has about a zillion costume changes (and he’s great)