Disgaea Portable on the way

If you're reading this, you know all about Disgaea and its surreal, demonic universe. The strategy RPG series continues to grow in popularity (with an animated series and the just-releasedDisgaea 2), but publisher NIS America sent out a call for fans to help share their love of the series - because it sounds like Disgaea Portable, for PSP, needs a little push to get to the US.

Above: Disgaea 2 hits stores today

This remake of 2003's Disgaea is already slated for a Japanese release, but playing it over here might be harder than you think. Sony's always pushingfor "more new content!"in PSP ports, and if Portable can't meet that requirement, we may not see it - though this is just speculationbased on sidelong comments in the NIS press release abotu the Japanese version. In fact, a NIS rep stopped by our office today and he was all smiles, so you never know... Still, there's a chance you'll miss out on the classic game gone portable, with new scenarios, re-recorded dialogue and other unmentioned goodies, all because you didn't head over to theNIS forumsto share the love.

So... get over there and make some noise for the Prinnies!

August 30, 2006