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  • PS2 | Submitted by RJ

    How to get good weapons and lots o money

    The best way to get lots of money and good weapons go to the item world with at least 10 characters that are strong. And please got to weak weapon first.(you'll still get the money and the good weapons)
    Hidden Switch
    If you go behind the throne in the overlords castle and fress X it will ask you if you would like to press a switch. Currently i have no idea what that switch does but i hope to find out soon enough
    Another switch
    There is another hidden switch in the skull in between the weapon and armor sellers at the beginning of the game.
    Selecting Monster Character with Little Mana
    After defeating a monster it will show up in Character select. It will be selected only with lots of Mana. In order to get the Monster with little Mana, go where you can fight the Monster, and keep defeating him until its Mana cost drops to where you can get it at your cost. Every time you defeat it go to Character select and watch the mana drop.
    Level up characters and weapons quickly
    To quickly get your characters and their weapon levels up, go to a stage that has a large amount of 'Invincibility' geopanels such as Episode 5, Stage 3. In stages like that you can manipulate the enemies onto the non-invincible geopannels and hammer away on them without having to worry about taking any damage. Once the enemies have become too weak to derive any real experience from, you can lift them and toss one onto the other to combine their levels, making one high leveled monster. Repeat the drill until your characters and weapon levels are where you want them.
    NOTE: You can level your weapons by attacking allies on the invincible geo panels as well.
    Quick level gaining
    I have a really quick way to gain levels. This method is only available after you reach a certain point in the game. After you've reached Episode 5, Scene 3, you can use this method (Jotunheim, Terrible Cold).
    This board is made up of all invincibility tiles besides one green one in the corner near the invincibility triangle.
    Throw all the enemies on top of each other (increases the level of the monster, but also increases the exp). When one really powerful monster remains, lure it over near the green tile. Throw the enemy onto the green tile and trap it there with your characters and attack until all its life is gone. It will be unable to damage you because you are invincible, but you will get the exp for killing a monster that is level 112!!
    Another quick way is to perform this after summoning the committee and asking them to triple EXP.

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    To capture a monster of character during a battle, lift them up and throw them into your base square. Be careful though, because if you don't leave enough strong characters in your base they can destroy the square and you will not be able to bring anyone else out for the remainder of the battle.
    Level Up Extremely FAST
    Go to any stage with lots of enemies then lift them up and throw them on top of each other the enemies will level up and then when you kill them you get more experience. So say there is 5 level 10 enemies if you throw them on top of each other it will become one level 50 enemies and when you kill you get a lot of experience.
    Beef up Laharl
    Once reaching the stellar graveyard, defeat all nine enemies at once with Laharl's winged slayer. (If not strong enough yet, weaken with a full-grid element attack...) After gaining 5100 mana, transmigrate, then keep repeating the process until he's a one man army!
    Unlock Majin Class
    To unlock the majin class, you need each of the following classes, at at level 200: warrior, male brawler, ninja, rogue, and scout. The majin is the best class in the game.
    Instant Level Gain
    message: After defeating Overlord in (Chapter 6 - Writhing Shadow) go back to it, and there you will fight a Blue Dragon. If you have a Character or Monster you wish to level up, let them take the last hit to destroy Dragon, and they will go up one level each time it is defeated. Do this to each Character you want leveled up.
    Etnas Diary
    First go to the throne room and go behind the throne and flip the switch then go to the store place and press X near the skull and flip that switch, then go to the room in between the two rooms and go to the corner to the top left of the screen and press X in it and etna should say something like " I'm going to the bathroom, Okay" and it will take you in a room with a small menu in it. click one of the things in the menu and it will bring up a message from Etna's Diary.
    If you visit this room during every chapter you are supposed to get a special item in the last chapter but i am not sure about that yet...
    Good bonus points
    Do the color combos. (they'll tell you how to do it in the game)