Did You Know Gaming explores the abandoned multiplayer and endings of Shadow of the Colossus

Sometimes, the most fascinating things in gaming are what we never got to experience; the abandoned dreams of developers that didn't quite make the cut, the features that make us wonder "what if". I don't know about you, but that's certainly how I feel watching this video from Did You Know Gaming? about Shadow of the Colossus.

I think by now most fans of the game know there were plans for more colossi, but I had never heard about the idea director Fumito Ueda had for multiplayer, or an ending that could only be unlocked with an Ico save file. The idea that SotC was originally an Ico sequel is also surprising, as I remember when thinking when I first played it, "Oh, this is clearly a prequel to Ico".

But actually, the most surprising thing I learned: I've been saying "Ico" wrong for years. What about you? Share your favorite bit of SotC trivia in the comments.

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Sam Prell

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