Devil May Cry 4 first shots

Treat your eyes to this first batch of in-game screens from Devil May Cry 4, the next-gen installment of the demon-bashing series.

The shots show the new playable character Nero in action using his special enemy-grabbing powers, and you can also see long-standing series frontman Dante, who makes an intriguing appearance in this PS3 adventure.

As we've previously reported, you don't play as Dante in DMC4. Instead, you'll be antihero Nero in the city of Fortuna, and your mission is to resurrect the legendary demonic knight Sparda (who, as long-time DMC fans will know, is Dante and Vergil's father). It's Dante's mission to ensure Sparda is never brought back to devilish life, so you'll actually be fighting against him during the game.

To help you along on your questionable quest, Nero has his amazing Devil Bringer skill (see it used in these screens), which enables you to grasp enemies and fling them around or drag them towards you, boosting your chances at busting out a huge combat combo. You can even mess around with dead bodies, as it were.

Devil May Cry 4 ought to be one of the biggest games at the Tokyo Game Show next weekend, and we'll be on the show floor to bring you the inevitable DMC4 updates as and when they happen.

September 15, 2006

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