Deoxys will break you

The daily Smash Bros. updates are now a part of everyday life. We can't imagine a time when the game is actually out, with all of its secrets and playable characters bare to see. It's a depressing thought. For now though, we're happy to log in every single morning and eyeball what mastermind Masahiro Sakurai has decided to leak. Today, it's more Pokemon!

Above: Hit the Images tab up top for even more Deoxys screens

Deoxys, the hard-to-get DNA poke that first appeared in Ruby and Sapphire, will appear as a random attack creature. As in Melee, when you throw a dropped poke ball, a Pokemon will spring forth and attack everything around it. In the case of Deoxys, it'll use its Hyper Beam attack to fry anything in its path.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is out on December 3. Keep checking thesitefor daily updates and for more top-tier Nintendo releases, check ourE3 release list.

July 17, 2007