David Goyer chats Batman III

With The Dark Knight burning up the box office records like the Joker torches bank notes ($158 million and counting in the US folks, even more than the studio estimates), it’s no surprise that talk is already turning to a third film. And while Chris Nolan says he can’t even contemplate it, we know that wheels are turning in that creative brain of his.

How do we know? He and David Goyer have already had brief discussions about possible ideas for a third film. Goyer told MTV that they’ve got a theme and a likely villain in mind, but will of course say nothing. And there’s no guarantee that any of them (Nolan, Goyer and Jonathan Nolan) would actually want to try and top the Knight, which as Goyer admits is “the scariest thing.” Still, given how well they’ve done with this second film, we’d be even more scared if it was handed off to someone else. Click the link for more from Goyer.

Source: ( MTV )