Dark Sector uncloaked in new shots

This batch of images for Dark Sector, a near-future shooter set in a world where bio-weapon wars ravage Earth, show off the game's newly redesigned look and appear to hint at a Resident Evil 4 -style adventure. Hit the Images tab to see more shots, many of which take a fetishist's focus on lead character Hayden Tenno's wicked looking blade-thing.

First revealed way back in 2004, Dark Sector's action takes place in a decrepit Soviet bloc environment, although that doesn't mean it can't boast some stunning architecture, including a moonlit church and Silent Hill -esque eerie, deserted hospital. There's also promise of a fresh gameplay flavor, too, with Tenno able to mutate/morph to make his combat skills suit his surroundings.

We've no word on what you'll be flinging your nasty boomerang blade at yet, although given the bio-war theme and ruined setting, we're hoping to be slicing 'n' dicing hideously mutated beasties and the like. With a launch set for late 2007, Dark Sector's next-gen muscle ought to be flexed properly in public before too long - stick around for the updates.

November 6, 2006

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