Dark Sector trailer teases

Originally aimed for release on Xbox, Dark Sector has been polished up and enhanced for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 - and this first footage gives some hints about hero Hayden Tenno and his mutating abilities.

The footage also offers a glimpse of the mutant and human enemies you'll be butchering when the new-look survival-actioner finally hits next year.Hit the Movies tab above for the video.

Above: The Soviet bloc setting lends an air of menace and mystery to the inevitable bloody violence.

Toward the end of the movie you'll see Tenno seem to make a three-pronged blade appear in his hand. But look closer and you can see that his entire arm is sheathed with what looks like metal - we reckon the blade is an extension of his hand, rather than a separate weapon, although you'll also see him ready to hurl the boomerang-esque weapon.

Set in a controlled, ravaged zone somewhere in Soviet country, Dark Sector looks somewhat like a mix of Resident Evil 5's deserted city streets and Stalker's mutant-fighting danger-zone gameplay. Which soundspretty sweetto us. We'll hopefully have more on Dark Sector's intriguing brand of violence soon.

November 22, 2006

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