Dante's Inferno ASCII art invades gaming sites

Take a closer look at the ASCII demons, and you’ll find a hidden URL directing you to the website, www.hellisnigh.com along with one of six passwords. Enter all six passwords, and you’ll be able to download a mysterious file called EARTHLY_REWARDS.zip. So what’s your reward for finding all six passwords? A collection of Dante’s Inferno wallpapers, posters, three MP3s from the game’s soundtrack, and a lovely 25-page PDF that’s full of Dante’s Inferno artwork.

You can start surfing to get your share of Dante’s Inferno’s Earthly Treasures. Or, just scroll down for a password cheat sheet and a quick sample of some of the items in the EARTHLY_REWARDS.zip file.

- Go to www.hellisnigh.com
- PASSWORD #1: excommunicate
- PASSWORD #2: scythe
- PASSWORD #3: grafter
- PASSWORD #4: styx
- PASSWORD #5: unbaptized
- PASSWORD #6: Alighieri

Above: Look at the source code on GamesRadar’s homepage and you’ll find this Dante’s Inferno ASCII art with directions to visitwww.hellisnnigh.com and the fifth password (unbaptized)

Above: One of nine desktop wallpapers

Above: A bunch of vertically aligned posters you can print

Above: A 25-page PDF with some gorgeous concept art

Feb 4, 2010