You can read about our eye-busting preview of Crysis - just click the preview tab above - but we wanted to get some background on this stunning near-future FPS. So we grabbed Cevat Yerli, the man behind Far Cry's success story, and fired off some questions at him to get his word on the new project.

Is the level that we've seen a high point of the game?
I wouldn't say that. There are levels that are way more intensive. Crysis might have less overall playtime than Far Cry, but it will be much more intense. Far Cry was often quite same-y, and while then we used things like a day-to-night phase to make it more interesting, in Crysis we're always adding more content: more things happening on screen, different things happening in different conditions.

Will there be a change of pace through the game, then? Will certain moments be slower, and more stealthy than others?
The gameplay pacing is always about seeing, comprehending and making a choice. The fighting itself may pace differently, depending on who you're fighting, but the mindset - what you have to go through to see, think and then make an action - is always the same.

You won't be told what an enemy's weaknesses are; you'll have to find out for yourself. But when you do, you'll have the skill to take out the enemy more quickly and more efficiently next time.